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On-Stage DB2150 USB DI

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I appreciate everyone's input.  Ideally I would have loved to have heard from someone who had actually used the DB2150, but apparently no one here has, or at least they have not responded in saying so.

To satisfy my own curiosity, I found a DB2150 at a very reasonable price on eBay.  I purchased it and will provide a follow up here when I get a chance to thoroughly test it.


Thomas Le:
Late to the party, but I have & used both the Peavey USB-p and the Whirlwind pcUSB. To be honest I can't tell the difference between the audio performance of the two (mainly because they use generic audio drivers, nothing fancy there), maybe the difference may come down to long term durability as the USB-p has plastic rims on the box which may break over time if handled rough. The whirlwind I bought because of the "brand name reason" for my rig, the USB-p bought later for a budget live stream studio setup.

Will Knight:
I have the Radial, the Peavy and a Rolls.  9x out of 10, it's the Peavy that gets the call. As others have said, it just works; stupid simple.


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