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Midas DL 151 & DL155 Connectivity


Joshua McClanahan:
Hey y'all, Im a DL32 guy but my job just picked up the DL151 and DL155 to use for our D&B concert system. Im new to the DL 150 series as I find it to be a lot less user intuitive. We are currently setting up for concert season and purchased another Midas board for Monitor as we only had one Pro series for FOH. So before we would run the DL151 into the "A" AES50 Port and run the DL155 into the "B" AES50 port. Now that we have 2 boards running into the stage boxes, we need both the A & B ports for the boards for FOH/Monitor.  Is there a way to connect the DL151 and 155 to each other which would allow both the FOH and Monitor boards to connect to both stage boxes via the A/B AES50 channels?

Helge A Bentsen:
This could be done in a number of ways depending on your boards. A little more info is needed.


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