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Looking to simplify - options for a modular SOS system that sounds fantastic

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Weogo Reed:
Hi Yoel,

    Great stories!
I've been meaning to get my ears on some Go2 8CX boxes.

    I used SM60Fs a couple weeks ago for covering a large outdoor area, for a mostly speaking event.
Additionally there were center-, corner- and delay-fills.
We brought up the SM60Fs first and walked the whole area.   
Though the sound was a bit soft 200' back, we could have done it with just the two SM60Fs.
    Line arrays were considered, but we knew there were going to be
several people speaking who aren't loud and don't stay on the mic.
Sometimes in these situations lines increase feedback potential over what a point-source system can do.

    An SM60F weighs 50# and has a pole cup but I regularly use them with the yokes, which adds 8#.
If they aren't enough, Tom Danley's original td-1s come out, and beyond that I hire in bigger.

Thanks and good health,  Weogo


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