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Projector Shutter

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Scott Hofmann:

--- Quote from: Stephen Swaffer on May 04, 2022, 12:39:39 PM ---I elected to go with the Northlight dowser since this is fairly visible in my situation and it just appeared nicer.  I have used Northlight products in the past and have been pleased-but I can't recommend this one.  They say in the manual that it is somewhat noisy and chatters-but that that is the fault of the servo and nothing can be done.  I found out that the chatter makes it really unusable in my case-so I did some bench testing with a servo and servo tester I had on hand.  Both servos are smooth as silk on the tester and both servos chatter on the Northlight control so blaming the servo is silly.

--- End quote ---
If you haven't already, I would relay the results of your experiment to James Cart at Northlight. He is really interested in customer feedback and I'm sure you will hear back from him.

Stephen Swaffer:
I will send an e-mail.  Given the disclaimer in the manual, I assumed-perhaps wrongly-they were not interested in hearing of any issues with the product.


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