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What mic for audience comments?

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Keith Broughton:
2 words...boom mic.

Mike Caldwell:
Yea a shotgun mic 30 feet away from a person speaking MAY work for the live stream but stands no good chance of working fed in the PA system.

Maybe pick up another wireless mic or two and have the mic runners stationed around
the seating area.

Daniel Levi:
You need one of the old Sony ECM 31/51 (and possibly others) extendable mic, originally used on shows like "Match Game" (with our UK version using a home made version of the same thing).

Tim Weaver:
Phil Donahue 'em!

Jonathan Johnson:
You could try a "hybrid" approach -- have a couple of people carrying shotgun microphones with wireless transmitters, and have them go to near where the audience member is and point it at them from the aisle.

You'd get better unwanted noise rejection than just setting the shotgun mic at the front, and the quality of the sound will be better due to lower room reflections. ("Loudest sound at the mic wins" principle.)

Or you could go really nerdy and have someone with a parabolic mic sitting at the front, pointing it in the direction of the audience member. (NOTE: I haven't tried this!)


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