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Author Topic: The Stupid, Frikin' Doors are locked!!!!  (Read 2240 times)

Chris Hindle

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Re: The Stupid, Frikin' Doors are locked!!!!
« Reply #30 on: April 26, 2021, 06:00:24 PM »

Anyway, the first 2-3 times we hauled everything up an exterior diamond plate stairwell that was straight up, no landing and fairly steep.  Then, we discovered the freight elevator and started using that.  Double steel doors near the bottom of the exterior stairs got you into the kitchen when they were unlocked.  Walk through the kitchen and down a hallway to the freight elevator.  Red tile floor that was wet, greasy, sticky, dirty and kitchen was plenty warm with lots of steam kettles.

At a swanky place (Ruby Foo's) on a major thoroughfare (Decarie Blvd) I was doing support for a Vietnamese wedding / event band Go on wednesday for then site eval. Noted - bring extra feeder. Ask the manager to use the elevaor. "We no got elevator, use stairs, come early. Before 10 Am, DON'T chip the stairs."

OK, add $100, get another helper..... I allready had one booked. I usually do this kind of gig on my own.
So, helpers meet me at 9:30, doors are locked. 10:00 manager shows up, and let's us in. Watches us like a hawk..
Get everything up stairs, and I send the helpers home. See you at 2:30 AM....
Everything set up, so I head back home until 5 when the band is to arrive.
Show goes swell, food is more than decent.
The Maitre'D sees me rolling boxes to the landing, and asks "WTF? We have an elevator"
"Let me guess, Mr. Kim told you no elevator? Fucking prick does that to everyone. Here, let me show you..."
"2,000  pound limit, knock yourselves out"

Never saw the elevator in my survey. There was a loading dock on the side, but the elevator was 50 feet down a hallway, behind some double doors......
It came out on the second floor in a "storage room" across from the kitchen.
What a diabolical design... I know that place was made "fancier" 5 or 6 years earlier.... The kitchens looked brand spankin new.
<except for the obligatory layer of grease.....>

He got 2 Tim's cards.......
Ya, Whatever. Just throw a '57 on it, and get off my stage.

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Re: The Stupid, Frikin' Doors are locked!!!!
« Reply #30 on: April 26, 2021, 06:00:24 PM »

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