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Router or WAP

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Alec Spence:

--- Quote from: Mike Caldwell on April 22, 2021, 07:44:06 PM ---And to add.....hide your SSID, turn off the 2.4g radio and only use 5g.
--- End quote ---
I beg to differ on this a little.

By all means hide your SSID, but beware a little more complexity to debug if you ever have challenges connecting - or if you need to add other people to the router on an ad-hoc basis.

While it may be a regional thing, in the UK I always have both radio bands enabled.  It's all very well having the faster throughput and lower utilisation of the 5 GHz band, but its range is more limited, so well worth having the 2.4 GHz band available for use.  I've always found my devices switch between the two bands as required with no fuss and, most importantly, I get the most range when I need it.  Never yet had an issue with this.

doug johnson2:
I use enterprise level APs, mostly Ubiquiti, with a non-wifi router.  Mainly because i want the option of multiple wired connections at every point (I do APs and bridges). If you don't want/need that, most APs will work in router mode with one or two wired connections.  The robustness/range of these types of AP is sooooo superior than that of consumer type wifi routers, to me it is a no brainer.

Sean Anderson:
I just set up a couple ubiquiti er-x with some ubiquiti uap-ac-m access points. While figuring it out was a bit of hell, they work really well now that everything is setup and they have great range. I know many people who use apple airports with great success. They are easier to setup.

I also disagree about turning off 2.4. I do sound at one ampitheater that right around nightfall the park cameras all kick on and they destroy the 5ghz range. I have to switch over to 2.4 or I only get 30 feet of range with dropouts. I am not the only one this happens to at this particular venue. I have no clue why this happens, but I know how to work around it. I use 5ghz pretty exclusively everywhere else.

Mal Brown:
I'm using a to-link Archer C1900 ?  or is is 1750..  I forget and am to lazy to pull it from the pen.  I hardwire a win 10all in one touch pc to it and also hardware from the board to it.  Then for the most part I use the 5g side.  ipad air Ii's for side stage and wandering.

wonder if I'll ever need that rig again ?  sure hope so.

Steve Litcher:
Ahh... the old "hide the SSID" discussion/debate. :D

I've read both sides of the argument for/against hiding your SSID and ultimately it sounds like wireless devices don't care if the SSID is "hidden" - it really only impacts humans who are semi-passively looking for WiFi networks. The devices are always broadcasting and listening for a signal, so even if you hide it from human eyes, the devices still "know" about the network.

So, while it may help avoid the very casual nefarious person from potentially seeing your network, hiding your SSID is unlikely to slow/stop devices from being aware of and/or trying to connect to your network.

As an aside, I use a cheap/free app on my laptop called "WiFi Explorer" and can see *every* single WiFi device in my area, hidden SSID or not. It's pretty handy for working in extremely crowded areas.


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