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Project stars on ceiling

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Jeff Lelko:
Hi John, here are a few suggestions in no particular order:

- Impressive: Fiber Optics
- Retro: Mirror Ball
- Cheap: LED “dot” fixtures (ADJ REVO Series, etc)
- Expensive: Lasers
- More Money than Brains: HES DL3
- The “Right” Way: S4s with gobos or Rosco Image Pros
- Bringing the Power of the Stars to your Client: HES ShowGun 2.5
- Quit While You’re Ahead: Hang Cardboard Stars

LEDs, lasers, and other absurdities aside while I agree the S4 is probably the textbook solution here they can often struggle with brightness and focus here when doing effects such as this.  I’ve seen permanent and semi-permanent use of fiber optics that were very effective, but sometimes going with something from the props/decoration department ends up looking best.  Good luck!


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