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Sq QU and MIDI


Stephen Swaffer:
There was another thread started that interested me, but it got locked due to forum rules and never opened so, 'll pose this here:

I am switching to an SQ soon-but will use it along with our current QU-32.  Is it feasible to program a few of the unused softkeys on the QU to serve as a MIDI lighting controller?

For our services, I normally have only 3 lighting scenes (very rarely might use a variation).  We use stage flood lighting on, flood lighting minus choir lights (because they hit our automated projection screen), and all lights (including house) off for video presentations.  Given limited media desk real estate, if I could use 3 softkeys for those it would work really nice.

I don't mind figuring it out (though I won't turn down suggestions) but I don't want to spend hours heading down a blind alley.


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