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Thomas Breene:

--- Quote from: Steven Cohen on April 04, 2021, 10:01:33 am ---Thomas,

You may has some answers posting over at the Limestone Lounge. The site is dedicated to the Florida music scene and has some former Criteria people posting there.

Thanks, Steven! I truly appreciate the insight. I actually looked at the website you suggested, and found one of the many legendary Criteria engineers from the era on that website, but I never got a response when I tried to contact him (other sources suggest he's dealing with some health issues, so fair enough in terms of our little "project").

I think our next avenue of analysis will be trying to figure out where this person may have recorded his album given the technology available at the time. The album makes conspicuous use of reverb, and I can tell that it was some kind of send channel because of where the reverb is placed and how it varies from one segment to the next (sometimes at 9:00 o' clock and less in the mix, other times in the same position but with a lot more tail, etc.).

Anyhow, thanks again for the insight! I really appreciate it.


--- End quote ---


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