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Easy Unsecured Low Quality Audio Over Network

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Hal Bissinger/COMSYSTEC:

--- Quote from: Mike Caldwell on March 28, 2021, 11:37:04 pm ---Have you used the Barix Equipment?

I posted a message about the same equipment and did not receive any comments.

My use would be sending audio to remote location over the internet.

--- End quote ---
I saw your message after I made that suggestion. I knew I heard of it someplace.  ::)
No, I haven't used it but from what I see it's easy to set up and use. And the price is right. There are many YouTube videos about setting up and using their equipment. Just Google for them if you haven't seen them already.

There doesn't seem to be anything out there that is comparable to this. There are plenty of decoders (from self contained speakers to stand alone receivers) but no encoders. I actually expected to find a software encoder app that would run on a PC but no.  It seems every decoder I found is intended to work off a SIP extension on a IP phone system.

Dunno, I have seen drawings for large projects that spec IP ceiling speakers throughout. Without any other information I would assume that it was only capable of zoned paging through the phone system with maybe background music- as much as the phone system can deliver.

So, yeah, if I had an application I wouldn't hesitate to give Barix a try.

Lee Douglas:
As always, thanks for the suggestions.  I ended up proposing the Axis equipment, as we already have experience with it.  I wonder if the Axis C8033 Audio Bridge would work as an encoder for other products?

Mike Caldwell:
Just to follow up on the Barix equipment I posted about earlier.
Yes it works!
Really easy to stream point to point over a LAN and with a couple extra
steps setting up port forwarding you can stream point to point over a
WAN / internet via HTTP.

I'm actually listening to it right now streamed from my home router with the Instreamer, set my tablet up to be a 4g hot spot, using an old Linksys router flashed with DD-WRT set up as a bridge and connected to the Exstreamer decoder.

There's a couple other ways to stream point to point over the internet but they were getting above my networking comfort zone.

For my upcoming project I think they will work and I'll keep them in mind for others.


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