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stage grounding question

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Stephen Swaffer:

--- Quote from: Tim McCulloch on March 08, 2021, 02:32:37 pm ---My read of Code was that the temporary structure grounding should not be disconnectable.  The reason I like the Cam-Lok T is because ground continuity will be assured until the lines serving the distro are de-energized.  The reason I don't like using the pass through is because the stage grounding can be disconnected while equipment on the stage remains powered.

In the situation where Charles is the only person who can, or will, be doing the connect and disconnect, either will serve the purpose of grounding the temporary stage structure.  I went looking in 2017 NEC 520 and 525 and it appears that previous edition references to temporary entertainment structures have been moved (I'm guessing to Art. 250).

I probably should read all of 250 again.  It's been a few years.

--- End quote ---

I would agree-usually grounding splices are "non-reversible" for permanent connections.  When I said secured, I was thinking something like zip ties, etc. something that would require a tool or some effort to disconnect.  Might not meet the letter of the code-but certainly the spirit as long as a responsible person disconnects power before disconnecting grounding.

charles strickland:
Sounds easy enough to make it two steps to be able to remove it. code enforcement around here is more code and less enforcement. My main goal was to insure the safety of the stage. 

Rob Spence:
I also use a CS connected feeder to my distro. I modified the distro ( yes, I know it isnít UL but my clients donít care) to add a brass stud where the original internal ground was terminated. I have a #6 with crimp rings on both ends. I put one on the ground stud on the distro and connect the other end to the stage.

charles strickland:
 Thanks to everyone for the the  help . This is such a great place, full of knowable people kind enough to take the time to share it with us. Charles


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