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Anybody Working?

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John Roberts {JR}:
I've been cutting up and burning pine limbs dropped by the ice storm... My aching back feels like I was working.


Brian Jojade:
No jobs on the immediate horizon, but the flood gates are starting to open for requests this summer.  A couple of the major events we did are still on hold, but lots of newer (but smaller) ideas are starting to pour in.

AKA, it's mostly going to be stuff I can handle myself vs hiring a crew.  Kinda sucks, because I much prefer working with a crew vs alone.

John L Nobile:
I'll consider it lucky if we have any Christmas parties at the hotel this year. So I don't expect anything until Mid November.

Tim McCulloch:
One of my best clients had work starting in April, now nothing until August.  I'll be working at Home Depot by then.

dave briar:
The Taproom is starting back with two ticketed indoor shows March 12/13 which are seen as ďeventsĒ by the county health department and hence require detailed individual plans and the expectation of compliance visits during the shows. Twelve spaced tables to reserve with six patrons each.  No dancing of course and if your butt ainít pressing on a stool you need a mask on your face.  Long way from our normal packed 300 cap (soon to be 550 cap) rock show but hey, itís a start.  Iíll have my second shot the week before so I said Iíd risk doing sound for them. Expectation is that our outside stage will be a big draw this summer.

That said, the three July/August festivals Iíve worked are all cancelled for 2021.


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