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Anybody Working?

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Hey All,

With this Vaccine thing kind of rolling out or stumbling out or whatever it is doing; I was wondering if anybody is locking in gigs.  Any contracts signed? Any firm handshakes?  Schools? Corporate? Uncle Bob's Backyard BBQ?

I have 1 school gig that is looking good for the end of March... Board Approval is a go and Dept. of Health hasn't said "no" yet. Social distancing in effect, blah, blah, blah. Just wondering.


Stavross (Sam Buck):
Soonest in-person show I have booked is an outdoor show Memorial Day Weekend.

Other than that just live-streams.

doug johnson2:
I have a A2 job in April, if I get my vaccinations done by that time.  It is with a band that believes that their right to play restrictions or not.  I am sure the show will happen, it is outdoors at a pretty large brewery and they were doing shows  in the fall.  I also have a outdoor wine festival the first weekend in May that is proceeding at this point with the assumption they can hold it with vaccine and distancing requirements.

W. Mark Hellinger:
A "fair amount" of "firm maybes" starting in May, that I fully expect at this time I won't know if it's a for-sure yes until the first song of the first set... if then.

Jeff Lelko:
I'm getting jobs.  Nothing in pre-covid quantities yet but enough to keep me busy.  The socially-distanced choir job I posted about a few weeks ago is taking place tomorrow and Thursday, so that'll be a nice little bit of work.  I had an NYE job and then another one about a month ago.  I'll admit that the gigs I have been playing are doing a good job with the social distancing guidelines.  At the same time, a number of the bar bands that play the area are posting plenty of pictures on social media with no masks or social distancing in sight... 


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