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Author Topic: Copy parameter settings from one snap to all of them in Digico SD?  (Read 171 times)

Miguel Dahl

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This might be a stupid question, as often.. I've read the manual several times, but it's just "update changes" which I can find.

Is there some function or trick which is just "copy this parameter-setting to all snapshots"?

Right now I've used the edit snapshots-function (or whatever it's called), selected all the snapshots, and adjusted (for instance) the EQ by like 0.1dB, so the desk sees that I've made a change, and then updated all snapshots, so the EQ will be written to that particular channel across all snapshots.

As an example. I've safed the EQ on a channel. But in one snapshot I need to have a different EQ-curve, after that snapshot it's back to the default.
To accomplish this I've taken the parameter (EQ) out of safe, and done what I wrote above, then gone into that particular snap which needs a different EQ, marked the EQ in the scope for that channel, then next snapshot is also has marked EQ in scope, which reverts it back to the "default" EQ.

Do I need to do the "change" in the EQ (or any other filters or functions) to make the desk notice I've done a change, then update all snaps?

Isn't there some way which is just "copy this setting to all snapshots"?


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