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AES50 & patching (X/M32 series)


Erik Jerde:
Anyone have experience with using patchbays with the X/M32 series consoles?  I know that shell-to-shell continuity is required on the ethercons because of how the actual hardware is built.  However, using a properly constructed shielded RJ-45 patchbay along with proper install and termination should maintain the shell-to-shell continuity.  Thoughts?  I'm trying to figure out if using a standard patchbay is an option.  It would provide higher density and lower cost.  The advent of things like the DP48 system means the need for patching rack equipment to stage pockets is a real concern for AES50 now.


Helge A Bentsen:
I have used M32 with DN9650  Network bridge where the DN9650 inputs was wired to a patch panel.
Regular Neutrik Cat5E chassis feed-through ethercons, off the shelf shielded/unshielded cat5e patch cables. No issues.

(I had to throw it together in a hurry, didn't have enough shielded patch cables, I just grabbed what was on the shelf. My M32 didn't seem to mind and my Pro2 didn't either)


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