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Keith Erickson:

So a while ago Chrome for whatever reason lost a bunch of my saved passwords.  I cant for the life of me remember what my password is.  Multiple times i have clicked the forgot my password button and entered my email address. 

It says its sending me an email to reset my password but it never does.  Today i tried an old log in email which is this one and the reset password email never arrived either.  i was somehow able to guess what this old password was so here i am but id like to get back to my normal profile.

how do i go about really resetting  the password for the account i want to use but am seemingly locked out of.  Why is the reset email not being sent?

Uhh, so same thing happened to me?

But I didnt forget my password... its stored in a password program...

Anyways, Mac; care to fix my other account? :)


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