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[solved] LUFS Live?

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Phillip Ivan Pietruschka:

--- Quote from: Russell Ault on December 10, 2020, 09:05:40 PM ---Hi all!

There's probably no simple answer, but how are people dealing with loudness and metering for live streams? My sense is that LUFS is technically something that can only really be calculated after it's already too late, so what are people using in real-time? Can something like 10EaZy be configured for estimating LUFS?



--- End quote ---

We use a number of TC Loudness Pilots; whom have both loudness processing and metering in one unit. Not the cheapest solution; but extremely practical in a live production environment.

Andrew Broughton:
Is there any software that compares the outgoing to incoming (applying the appropriate amount of delay) to get a REAL reading of the feed?


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