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Behringer E-Commerce

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Douglas R. Allen:
   With Behringer moving to E-Commerce how will this effect US dealers? We will have to go to Amazon or other big box only stores to purchase their products? No more small local dealers that we know we can trust to purchase from? Or am I reading this wrong?

Douglas R. Allen

Douglas R. Allen:
   To me it feels like the Mom and Pop or smaller dealers who could have some "wiggle room" in pricing are being dumped for 1 price fits all for 100 percent profit margins.  That is sad because I prefer to buy from a "Person" who has a family ( yes the big boxes do to but I can't get to know them the same ) or has experiences with me and has an idea as to what I may need.  Hey we all want to make a living but it's may be hard to build a relationship with Amazon...
   Time will tell I guess but I've stopped looking at the Wing for now.

Douglas R. Allen


Helge A Bentsen:
It's been in the works for years. Used to work for the (at the time) TC Electronic distributor, they lost distribution because MG wanted to have a shorter supply chain from factory to end users.

I have the impression that MG doesn't like distributors and wish to move stock as direct as possible from the factory floor to users while keeping their profit margin.

Jim McKeveny:
This is straight from any biz-school playbook: excise that which does not add value. Who knew Uli secretly wanted to become Carvin?

Frank Koenig:
"Disintermediation" is the word. My spell checker knows it so it must be real  ;) -F


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