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IEC C14 Madness

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Jeff Bankston:

--- Quote from: Steve M Smith on December 16, 2020, 08:25:05 AM ---Live and neutral are the same size for IEC.


--- End quote ---
Yes I know but the end that plugs into the wall will only go one way with the ground pin in place. You can continuity the ends and find which blade is the one that goes into the small slot and that will be the hot on the other end providing that the wall outlet is wired correctly. Some outlest are installed with the ground pin down and some with the ground pin up and some sideways. It probably doesnt matter on the equipment end unless someone wanted the equipment wired a certain way. It will not matter if its a 220V piece of equipment.

Jonathan Johnson:

--- Quote from: Jeff Bankston on December 16, 2020, 12:38:25 AM ---The larger blade/slot is always suppose to be the ground. The next larger blade/slot is always suppose to be the neutral. The smallest blade(s)/slots(s) are suppose to be the hot. This is so its foolproof or suppose to be and the ground connection has the largest connection followed by the neutral. The hot is never suppose to be on the largest connection. On all the connectors I had ever wired the ground blade/slot screw is always green color. The neutral silver. The hot gold. Always check how a device is wired if in doubt. I am a retired commercial journey/foreman electrician.

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Jeff, I know that (in the US at least) the screws are supposed to denote the wire function. But, ever since I found a brand new receptacle with the silver screw on the narrow slot and the brass screw on the wide slot (someone at the factory screwed up), I've never trusted the screw colors. I always look at the face of the receptacle (or the prongs of the plug) and wire according to position.

Steve M Smith:

--- Quote from: Jonathan Johnson on December 17, 2020, 12:36:30 PM ---I always look at the face of the receptacle (or the prongs of the plug) and wire according to position.
--- End quote ---
It's just something else to learn, like which is pin one when soldering an XLR.


Brian Jojade:
On Edison plugs, it's easier to determine hot neutral and ground because the pins are different sizes or shapes.  The round plug is ground, the bigger pin is neutral and the smallest is hot.

The C14 uses 3 pins the same size, so now you have to go on memory.

But, handily, the pins are in the exact same position as they would be on an Edison plug. So grab the Edison plug for reference and you can figure it out from there.


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