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Bill Hanley History: Every Saturday at 3:30pmPacific/6:30pmEastern


Dan Mortensen:
For the last two weeks, Bill has been attending my AES Section's Tea Time Topics meetings, and we've been talking about his work at the first Woodstock, and getting into as much detail as we can. I hadn't realized there was an elevator from ground level to stage, but we found pictures showing various parts of it. We've also discussed the stage, the speakers, the speaker towers, the fencing around the speaker towers and why it was where it was, and more. Last week Bill brought Chris Langhart, the Technical and Infrastructure Director (not quite his actual title but definitely the functional one) for Woodstock, who filled in many details.

We're going to do at least a couple more weeks about Woodstock, and Bill told me today he'd like to explore the sound system at Fillmore East, so we'll get to that.

This is an invitation to you that if you've wanted to look into subjects like this, you should join us. It lasts about 3 congenial hours, and we get into some cool details about whatever it is we talk about.

Note: This will not be a chance to ask Bill questions along the lines of "What was it like to be at Woodstock?", because that's a boring question for him. He likes talking details about the gear he used and why, and about what else was going on then and since.

For example, we debated what the break music player was at that time, because we haven't found pictures of reel-to-reel players there, but have a picture of a record turntable under the stage. We disagreed if you'd be playing records at a live P.A. gig then, but did discover that the Cassette player did exist in 1969, and that it was possibly used at Woodstock but have not yet confirmed it.

We do like audience interaction, and ask that you have both camera and microphone connected so that you can tell us a little about yourself as well as be able to ask questions, but mics stay muted when not talking.

PM me to get the Zoom link, and note that we do demand that, just like here, you use your real name. As the Moderator and Organizer, I reserve the right to bounce people who are disruptive.

Here and here are discussions of the series' concept, and interspersed among the videos[]here[/url] are some of our past presentations.

I open the "doors" at 3:15pmPT for chatting, and Bill so far seems to like being the first one there.

I don't want the link posted publicly, which is why the PM, so please don't post it anywhere.



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