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Blue screens put out lots of UV

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Brian Jojade:
Well, if you run a VGA connection, just disconnect pin 3.  This will eliminate all blue signal, and you should be safe from those nasty blue waves...

John Roberts {JR}:
Apparently this myth was in full effect during the filming of Mell Brooks "spaceballs".... They outfitted the talent with tinted sunglasses to protect them from the huge blue screen.


Daniel Levi:
Yes, from what I understand that this blue light is exactly that, blue light and it can supposedly keep you awake/affect sleep if exposed to too much of it shortly before going to bed, that's why OS's like W10 have a "Night Light" mode which can be enabled manually or automatically to reduce the amount of blue light being emitted form the computer screen, this will make the screen have a red tinge.
Whether it works or not I don't know but it does seem easier on the eye in low light conditions.


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