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Author Topic: Ground loop hum  (Read 1109 times)

Kevin Maxwell

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Re: Ground loop hum
« Reply #20 on: October 17, 2020, 09:55:59 am »

Is there a way to set the USB in/out where it just uses a single Aux or do I automatically use 2 when I route through the Aux remap?

Is there a better way to route it to a channel on the board?

I havenít messed with it enough to understand or be comfortable with the routing process.

I was hoping that someone with more experience using the USB hooked up to a computer with the X32 would answer.

A couple of years ago we were doing Mamma Mia and the pit involved playback from a computer, besides some other instruments. I had 2 Midas M32 mixers at Front of House mix position (FOH) and one X32 in the pit. We used the X32 as a stage box and a Monitor mixer. We also let the audio for video person (someone I have known for years) take 2 Mix Bus sends and control the mix of them using a Mac running X32 edit. I also had a network switch hooked up to the X32 with one Cat5 going to the audio for video and one Cat5 going to a PC in front of me. I think I used the same dumb switch that the wireless racks in the pit were hooked up to so I could monitor them at FOH. This way if I had to make any adjustments to the pits hard wired IEMs or anything else on the X32 I could. I am leaving out a lot of other details that donít directly relate to the question.       

We were given a bunch of things in the pit (given to the conductor) to get the multi-track playback out of the computer. The pit also consisted of 3 keyboards each playing thru computers with so many different patches that I could never tell by what I was hearing what keyboard was playing what part at what time. The stuff we were given included a USB interface (from the computer to analog out to us) that a very experienced person with the Mac recording and playback could never get to work properly with the computer. One of the problems seemed to be the DAW software on the Mac wasnít the Pro version as it was when this setup was used before. This setup supposedly had been used for a different production of Mamma Mia before with the same conductor/keyboard player given to her and all setup to work.

We then tried to just hook up the USB from the Mac directly into the X32 and on the X32 I think it is in the SETUP - Card tab, when hooked up together we had the in/out choice. We selected 8x8 and setup what tracks we wanted to go where and it worked.

I just searched and there are all sorts of videos on how to interface the USB on a computer to the USB card in the X32. That would probably help you more than I can. Itís not that hard and I could probably figure it out very quickly if I had it all in front of me. But I donít have that at the moment.           

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Re: Ground loop hum
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