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Best Colomn Speaker for DJ+Live Musician Under 1,000 USD

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Tim Hite:

--- Quote from: Sherif Errefae on October 05, 2020, 03:30:25 am ---I'm a DJ I play house music and psychedelic music i also sometimes combine live vocals and instruments.
Looking for the best Column speaker that will provide clear detailed sound and deep bass.
I'm comparing between the Turbosound IP2000 and the HK audio Polar 12. If you have better suggestions please advise me.
The Turbosound IP2000 has a 1,000 Watt amplifier & the HK audio Polar 12 has a 2,000 Watt amplifier, is this real rms watt or what is this exactly?

Thank you  :)

--- End quote ---

Best column speaker on the planet right now as fr as I'm cocerned is the L'Acoustics Syva. It runs ~$22,000

EV EVOLVE 50 are what I've been using for DJ rentals and wedding receptions. MAP is $1699 but you can find open box or call a dealer and get them around $1250.

RCF EVOX J8 is the best bang for the buck, I think. Way more rugged than the Turbosound and others and RCF has a great service department. MAP is $999

You can get better pricing from many of the dealers here on the LAB, myself included. I'd suggest emailing or calling someone from this board before you buy at a big box store.


Geert Friedhof:
Why are you set on a column system?

i question column too unless its merely form factor...not what column actually means to most of us

Ed Taylor:

--- Quote from: MikeHarris on October 08, 2020, 01:42:10 am ---i question column too unless its merely form factor...not what column actually means to most of us

--- End quote ---

I've gotta say...for years I was tossing big plastic grey mackie 450s or jbl eons up on stands...yes, i have the tripod stand skirts in both black and white fabric..but it still just looked ugly to me doing actual wedding ceremony gigs..DJ reception..ok..fine...but on the lawn with everything so meticulously decorated..and then you have these big honkin speakers standing  My daugher custom sewed white spandex slip covers for my Bose..they look shiek out on the lawn and give great coverage (yes, a K8 or K10 will throw wide as well), but the response from venue directors and wedding planners to the Bose have been very positive, so they have been my first choice,,and I had thought initially that I would have to pull larger SoS units out on big weddings, but it just hasn't been the case...180-210 seated outdoor weddings have been well covered with these little columns.
and like i said, if the music content, or quick switch to reception (dj mode) is needed, just adding the EV subs has made all the that said, I use a digital mixer up front that lets me dial in the speakers for where they work best..getting more out of the Bose and the EV than just a cheap analog mixer running into the sub and then out to the bose on top.
my daughter does most of our DJ work, and she'll still take one of her old mackie 450s out for quick daytime pool gigs at apartment complexes.. 2hours, $, there's no thump...but enough coverage for her needs..2 years back she broke her foot and Pop had to load in for for grins i left her mackie in the van and grabbed one of the bose/EV combos...what a difference!
yes, there are still I think 8? mackie 450s in my inventory..and a half dozen old eons..when they die I replace them ( K12s)..most just haven't given up yet.  But for a new and fresh look, I'm glad I added the "columns" as part of my offerings

Don T. Williams:
Not in the price range you are looking at now, but the Porsche Design Studio styled LD Systems Maui P900 series really are beautiful.  They sound good too from the demo's I heard.  For weddings and ballrooms I think they would be very acceptable.  Of course the ideal speaker would be invisible.  I haven't found one yet!


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