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Live streaming growing pains


Keith Purtell:
We have upgraded our live-stream gear, and our goal is return to web-casting via DaCast on both the "player" link (includes Facebook) and the "embed" link on our website. (We have been on a 'pandemic' Zoom-only broadcast for months) In addition to live stream, we also record services for YouTube.

We were using 1 camera, 1 Mackie CFXmkII soundboard, 6 mics, a good PC with vMix connecting to DaCast. We were comfortable.

Now we have 2 cameras, 1 Roland V-1HD video switcher, 1 Midas M32r soundboard, same mics, same PC (although our new tech says we may not need vMix), and an additional laptop dedicated to using Zoom or similar to bring in a remote speaker/minister whose AV will go into our mix. Also PowerPoint etc on the laptop.

We ran a test last night and confirmed we can send audio and video to the internet. No vMix; the new tech just opened a quick Zoom meeting that only we could see. He's not a Zoom fan, just needed a test.

But we got our music director on the phone and quickly bogged down. She would like the ability to put one video source within another; box inside a box with one showing song lyrics and the other perhaps showing a musician. Our new tech said he was already using all the video switcher inputs, and we would have to spend more money for that feature.

1- So we're stuck on that added video feature?
2- And we're also wondering do we need DaCast?

Mike Caldwell:
I put a V-1HD in an install a while back and with the remote control software you can do picture in picture. It was not needed for that install so I did not play around much with that feature though.
You can download the software from the Roland website on the V-1HD page.

Caleb Dueck:

--- Quote from: Keith Purtell on September 26, 2020, 09:59:45 AM ---1- So we're stuck on that added video feature?
2- And we're also wondering do we need DaCast?

--- End quote ---

Generally you'll do the video switching, transitions, PiP/lower thirds/keying, and embedding the audio mix from the audio console into the video - in the video switcher.  After the video with embedded audio leaves the switcher - it needs to be embedded.  Whether that embedder is a computer with whichever flavor of software, or a hardware encoder - you need something to encode the AV signal to a streaming format to be pointed to whichever CDN you use. 

Personally I prefer a hardware encoder over a computer and software - WAY fewer points of failure.  Look at the Tascam VS-R265 and Videon VersaStreamer 4K. 

Used to use the V-1HD on many church projects - have since changed to the V-60HD as the basic 'go-to' video switcher option, as it's still very competitively priced but is a much better switcher; along with SDI instead of HDMI for getting signals from the cameras to the router/switcher.  If you do look into upgrading - with the streaming craze going on, you should be able to sell the V-1HD quickly without much if any loss of funds.  It also would allow for building a long-term video switching/cameras/recording system without the limitations of the V-1HD and HDMI limitation. 

The V-1HD does PiP as Mike mentioned. 

Scott Holtzman:

Here is my first live streaming event. Please feel free to nit pic.  I think we got the audio together after about the 4th song.  The second set is by far better.

We only had two cameras, with untrained operators so the video is primitive.  Needed more lights too IMHO

I used a Blackmagic ATEM pro feeding OBS that was encoded with a Facebook streamkey API integration.

Audio is mono, M32 feeding the same OBS encoder.

Keith Purtell:

--- Quote from: Mike Caldwell on September 26, 2020, 07:32:35 PM ---You can download the software from the Roland website on the V-1HD page.

--- End quote ---

I will definitely check that out!


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