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Author Topic: Weirdly specific subs for sale....  (Read 490 times)

Tim Weaver

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Weirdly specific subs for sale....
« on: September 01, 2020, 08:49:22 pm »

I have a pair of single 18 sub cabs which are light, and fairly well built *for what I used them for*.

These are essentially a TL505 EV box which was reshaped and "modernized". This is the regular or non-stepped-down version. I wanted it this way. They have some EVM18B drivers in them right now, but both are blown and need reconing.

Let me explain why these are highly specialized: When I built these I needed a PA which could make a satisfying amount of noise on one 20 (or 15 sometimes) amp circuit. I was doing a lot of gigs for a band that happened in some rich dudes backyard. Often the only power available was one or two household circuits maybe 100 feet away. I needed something very, very efficient and these did the job perfectly. I used a single QSC CX404 to power the whole rig, being 2 of these subs and 2 Community RSjr's. It was actually pretty fantastic and this rig got a ton of use!

For those that don't know the EVM18B is very old and would not be considered a "sub" driver by today's standards. But this driver in this box would get down to 50ish Hz and it would do about 112 Db on 100 watts. Yes, that's all it takes. The CX404 delivered 250 at 8 ohm, and was a great match for these subs. There was a "step down" mode to the original design, but I did not include the ability to do that in these cabs. I wanted efficiency, not lower frequency. These are TL505 cabinets just in a different shape, without the ability to "step down".

Speakers are made of Home Depot Birch with a perforated metal grill and truck bed liner (pro sprayed, not duratex). They have a steel pole cup in the top and 2 NL4's in the back. I can't remember if I did a 2+/- pass through or not. Probably did.

Check out the rig: Can't see it, but this was the same PA.

I have no idea what these would be worth to anyone. I'm thinking 100 each for the cabs with the EVM18B baskets? They are located in College Station Texas. I work in north Houston (Montgomery) and I sometimes travel to Waco. I could palletize these, but all that shipping is on you. I do not have any shipping accounts anywhere.

If I can dig them out soon I will take more detailed pics. Those pics above are older.


I felt I should clarify that these cabinets are not built as heavily as a newer sub should be. They have 3/4" walls. I did this to save weight, and because the intended drivers are not exactly powerhouses that would shake the seams apart. So if you thought about buying the cabs and putting modern drivers in them, it probably wouldn't work that great. Plus the EVM18B has a different outer diameter to a lot of other 18's. I can't remember now if they are larger or smaller, but I know I tried a couple other 18's in the hole and they wouldn't fit. Just FYI.

I did say they were weirdly specific!
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Weirdly specific subs for sale....
« on: September 01, 2020, 08:49:22 pm »

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