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Stream Deck, TeamViewer, and QLab

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Andrew Broughton:

--- Quote from: Benjamin Krumholz on August 26, 2020, 10:11:32 PM ---So, i went out and bought a StreamDeck Mini and answered my own question.

It works pretty well so far.

At first I set up the control software on the remote computer that is running Qlab and the StreamDeck would not connect.

After that, I installed the control software on my local computer.. It connected. I mad a few buttons for simple Hotkey key strokes that Qlab has.. Go is Spacebar, Up is Up down is Down, Anything that has a Hotkey in the program you can program a key for on the StreamDeck. Then in the settings of the control software you can select a default program for the commands to be used. In this case, TeamViewer.

Boom it works! As long I am focused in to the correct software on the remote computer. The commands from the StreamDeck pass from my local computer to the remote machine.. The only problem now is that I have to run multiple TeamViewer machines at once.. I'm going to need a dedicated computer for that remote session only.. That way when i click back into my console remote session i don't go issuing key strokes for that software.

--- End quote ---
MUCH easier with Companion. No need for the software to be "focused" and no need for TeamViewer. If you don't want a dedicated computer just for the SD you can use an RPI. Definitely no need for TV on a local network, and optional over the internet.

It's all doable, just some steps to go through if you're doing this for the first time. I probably should make a video on how to do all this when I get some time. Too many other pressing things atm! (Sorry, Brian!)


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