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Generic SFPs

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Riley Casey:
Ten years ago I bought a box of used / surplus / generic / whatever multi mode fiber SFPs on Ebay at a price that made it worth throwing most of them away to get half a dozen working units. The first eight SFPs out of the box are still working fine ( or were before the virus shutdown ). Fiber transmission of Dante has been a good investment.

Tim Hite:

--- Quote from: Brian Jojade on August 28, 2020, 02:39:06 PM ---I've yet to find a difference between the generics and the insanely priced units.  The only place I've ever installed the insanely priced ones are on government spec products.  The concept of saving them $1500 ends up being a hard sell.  Go figure.

--- End quote ---

If the government job requires a JITC or NSA CfSC cert, then they probably can't save the money using alternate gear.


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