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Turbosound IQ18b


Brandon Baker:
Repeated issues with the Turbosound IQ18b. The magnets continue to crack in the manner shown, and we continue to get them warrantied.

These subwoofers are only used a handful of times a year, as we most often use the IQ15b for indoor shows. No idea how it is caused, aside from my suspicion of cheap ceramics from china that have been poorly handled in the factory. You'll notice some chips in the magnets that are not from me, but directly from the factory in this condition. Another picture also shows how scuffed up the back of one of the drivers is. That was one that has been warrantied already.

Anyone else experience this? Know EXACTLY what causes it?

Always handled with care, I assure you. Trailer to stage, and stage to trailer; no drops. Driven hard, yes. None are locked up and all freely move. The two with cracks do not function any longer; but only emit a strange muffled crackling sound.

Aside from these issues- they have been phenomenal cabinets and work great for most indoor cover bands. 


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