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Wireless Audio From PA to PC for Live Streaming

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Bill Collins:
Hi all. We're looking forward to live streaming from the sanctuary again soon. We never did much video before COVID, but we anticipate the video option being a thing from now on. So we want to convert the slap-together streaming gear we set up at first into something permanent that integrates unobtrusively with in-person worship.

We have most of the streaming components figured out, but I am specifically looking for recommendations to bring the house PA system audio feed into the streaming setup without running a cable. We have an XR16 which has served us well (smaller set up, no praise band). We will now have an AV workstation and cameras near the back of the sanctuary, but the PA system cabinet is at the front. The whole point of the XR16 of course, was to allow wireless sound mixing.

So I've shopped around a bit for wireless XLR adapters to use an AUX out, and then adapt that to USB on the other end for the streaming PC. There seem to be many options, but I don't know what's good and bad about most options other than price.

I also thought about using the XR16 headphone jack with a wireless guitar adapter. No reason that shouldn't work. But I thought I'd ask what you all might recommend.

Thanks, Bill

Keith Broughton:
Something like these might work...

Mike Caldwell:
How far away is the mixer from the video streaming equipment?

Unless there is some extenuating circumstances that require it, I think it very unwise to do this via wireless.  Copper is SO much more reliable!


Rob Spence:
How many channels do you need?
A Senn IEM transmitter can be received by a Senn Microphone receiver for a single channel. If you use an IEM belt pack receiver, you get 2 channels but you need a power source or you will be going through batteries.
For my Shure rig I have the 9v power supply for my ULX belt pack transmitter I sometimes use as a wall penetrator.

I use the Senn solution with paddles for remote speakers several hundred feet away.


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