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Big FCC Trouble For PylePro

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Jason Glass:
Hi Y'all,

The FCC is throwing the book at these guys, in the form of a $685,338 fine.

RF professionals recommend against bargain-basement wireless equipment for many good reasons, and they're mostly the same reasons that the commission does this kind of enforcement.

frank kayser:
Ouch.  That's going to leave a mark.
One has to follow the rules, or pay the piper later. C'est la guerre.

Daniel Levi:
Interesting reading, not only were five of their systems operating in completely different bands to what the FCC had approved (some transmitting in band I instead of band II and two where one should have been band II frequencies but in band IV and vice-versa, there were some operating in the aircraft band, there was one where they did not know what frequency the microphone operated on and 9 with no FCC ID/authorization at all.
I wouldn't be surprised if they were forced to do a recall, esp. as some of their devices operated on completely different frequencies to those approved and I would guess shown in the manuals.

Just shows why good wireless costs money, as it's much cheaper to make items when you don't follow teh rules.

Jeff Lelko:
I'm glad to see this being enforced.  Now if only the FDA would crack down on all the cheap illegal lasers on the market along with the ATFE doing their part regarding the ebay "Cold Spark" machines and flame units...  At least by me the AHJ has really gotten strict about these things but sadly it's not a universal effort.

Philip Roberts:
With as fast and loose as they are playing I've got to wonder are these mic's actually opperating on the frequencies they say they are.



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