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Mesh Wifi & Line 6


Stephen Swaffer:
We have 5 Line 6 handhelds we have used for a long time-I'm thinking 8 years?  This morning during a mic check (prior to a streaming broadcast) all four mics in use started dropping out.  As I watched the receivers the signals would all drop simultaneously-then back on.  I turned on my RF Explorer and watched the wifi levels changed sporadically in tandem with the drop outs.  Wifi levels go up, mics drop, levels drop mics come back on.  The fluctuation contimued once we shut off the mics and went to a backup plan.

This has never happend before.  A couple weeks ago (great timing given the need to go online) we apparently suffered a lighning strike that damaged most of the switches in the building and we have been trying to get things back to normal since.  I was told a tech from our internet supplier was in on Friday working on a mesh unit-supposedly mainly concerned with the 5G side which shouldn't affect the Line Six's.

I know we have been fighting wifi performance (and probably relying in it too much)-thoughts on what is happening?  Why I am seeing this fluctuation in the wifi levels-whihc apparently hasn't happened before?  Primarily channels 5-6-7.

Brian Jojade:
This is the risk of using shared spectrum devices.

While your internet provider is 'mainly concerned' with the 5Ghz network, does that mean he turned OFF 2.4ghz?  It would be unlikely that they would completely disable 2.4ghz, as that would stop legacy devices from working, as well as dramatically reduce range in many environments, resulting in the need for far more access points.

So, since the problem started right after that change was implemented, I'm guessing that change has something to do with your sudden problems.

This is the exact reason I never plan to put 2.4ghz mics into my inventory.  Since it's a shared spectrum, anyone nearby can do something that will potentially muck with the signal.  Sharing spectrum with a TV station is less risky, as new TV stations typically don't pop online mid show...

Stephen Swaffer:
I know that the 2.4 was not turned off.  I was told that nothing changed with the 2.4.  Do I believe that??  Not really since the mic behavior most certainly changed.

What surprises me the most is the random, but not really random pulsing of the measured signal strength in unison across multiple channels.

We have an older building (1865 original structure) so running wires is a bit of a pain so wireless is really attractive to church staff so we keep relying more and more on it to my chagrin.

Erik Jerde:
Mid-week when you're not in critical service mode just turn off the WiFi and see if the issue still happens.  Of course check to see if it's going on first, not much good to test if there's no issue.  Just toss the mics up in front of a wedge with some content going to it so that there's actual signal flowing.

If it is a wifi/mic interaction issue see if you can assign a channel to the wifi.  Maybe if the wifi isn't jumping around (and on the mics) the mics will behave. 


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