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Time to Regroup


Dennis Wiggins:
I'm not that great at pourin' my heart out, but here goes.

Last Saturday's St. Paddy's day was surreal in a really good way. We have a very mixed clientele, both in age and origin.  As the DJ, I unconsciously sensed the apprehension in the air. It was vibrant. Everyone was as happy, polite, and yes - I'll say it - loving - as I've ever experienced in a bar, or any gig for that matter. It made me choose all the right grooves and my MC buddy kept it on beam; not stealing the show but truly enhancing it.

It was quite magical.  Then, the next morning, we heard it all will stop until further notice. As pointed out in another thread here, this is the time to get my game more focused and be ready to deliver a better-than-ever show when the flood gates open.

Set it up in your garage. Run it. Listen to what you are presenting. Do it better. This will pass.



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