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QL1 or QL5 with 1608 RIO


Rob N. Warren:
We have the QL series connecting our RIO 1608D2 via ubiquity ER-24 lite switches. I use normal netgear WIFI router/APs for the DHCP assigning and wifi access.
I have the switch like it is pretty much out of the box besides an IP address change and user password change, I chose to run everything in a static IP address.
We have the ULXD quad mics and I can send DANTE to the QL5 and have control over them at the mixer as well, and Work bench on the PC still works, IPAD control of the mixer,
and DANTE with the RIO. I use the Rapco Duracat 5 cable with Ethercons.  300 ft - I also have a Rapco 4 pair audio cable I use for voltage things like a speaker timer or Com.
We do corporate production and are very mobile nation wide.  very solid.  I have chose to NOT go redundant on all systems.  I will on a few to have that option.
Very solid so far so good.


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