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Advice needed: low-level signal at 10m distance


Ariel Narboada:
Hi guys, audio noob here. Please be gentle.

I'm required to design a box with a jack for a headset and connector for an unknown cable going to a Windows desktop PC.

Headset has the standard 3.5mm plug for microphone, r speaker, l speaker, and ground.

Intention is there's a user at desktop PC who will communicate with user of the headset.


1) the box is only pass-through. what's the best cable I can use to pass these low-level signals between headset and Windows desktop PC? distance is 10-15 meters.

2) at desktop PC side, what's the best hardware I can use so Windows desktop PC can receive/process these signals? I'm thinking USB link to PC but not sure what's available out there.


Brian Jojade:
If your computer has mic and headphone jacks, the easiest thing is to split the headset connector to the appropriate cable for that.  Converting to a USB interface is a lot more complicated and would potentially require installing drivers and more configuration on the PC.

15 meters of unbalanced cable for headphones probably isn't going to cause you much trouble at all.

The splitters are only a couple bucks.  Then just use a pair of 3.5mm extension cables of the length that you need and you're good to go.  If you can find a 4 conductor 3.5mm cable, you can use just one and put the splitter by the computer. However, those are harder to find, so putting the splitter by the headset and running 2 cables might be easier.


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