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Author Topic: line clearence  (Read 2480 times)


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Re: line clearence
« Reply #20 on: January 10, 2020, 11:38:10 am »

This maybe should be in the basement, but also potentially useful within the intent of this forum.

I want to attach a "lean-to" to the side of my porch to cover my firewood stack.  My pole to weather-head house entrance power feed passes over part of a roughly 8ft x 8ft concrete pad.  I can run the roof slope in 3 of the 4 directions.  The preferred direction (function and appearance) offers the least clearance to the line.
I know that there must be regulations of some sort for this type of thing.  I have seen driveway vertical, horizontal to structure, etc, on-line, but then the power line, as it nears the house, gets within inches of the house.  What's the difference?
I said "lean-to" but it may or may not be attached to the frame of the house, if that matters.  Does it?
Firewood should have clued you in, but being rural, no permit or inspection required. 
Thanks for any input.

It's been dang near 40 years ago that I left the trade.  For overhead drops, at least in California back around 1980 and I will guarantee it's going to be nationwide - there are height rules.  I did a lot of residential work and set lots of weatherheads and risers.  Also, underground.  For the overhead three things come to mind, some have been covered.  There is a standard minimum height for a service drop to a residential dwelling, then there some rules about not crossing swimming pools, height over driveways, and agricultural areas - we did plenty of custom homes for farmers and ranchers.

It would be worth consulting with a local electrician.  More at stake than just having to redo something if it's deemed wrong, there's your fire insurance.  Insurance investigators are there for one purpose only, the ones that work for your insurance carrier - to try and find a way they don't have to pay and lay the blame on you.

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Re: line clearence
« Reply #21 on: January 10, 2020, 12:25:03 pm »

Thanks for all the input. 
Because of the "negatives" associated, I ended up not building the lean onto the house porch.
I built onto an outbuilding / shed.  Built 2 "bins", each a little smaller than the size of the original space I was going to cover, and added additional cover for parking my JD lawn tractor and cart.  12'x12'.  No power lines to deal with.  Triple the carry distance, but very satisfied still.

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Re: line clearence
« Reply #21 on: January 10, 2020, 12:25:03 pm »

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