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Author Topic: NASA needs some help designing new Gateway and Lunar Lander Spacecraft!  (Read 566 times)

Frank Graffagnino

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Hey there!  I made similar post over in the Marketplace forum looking for audio engineers.  But, we also need lighting engineering help too! So I figured I would add a post over here as well.

Hey folks. I'm a total newbie in this community and I apologize if this isn't the proper forum for this post - please feel free to move it or let me know where I should put it if it is out of place.

In short, over at NASA Johnson Space Center (in Houston), we are looking for folks for a number of systems engineer level positions.  A few of the areas we are looking for support are in RF Communications, Audio, and Lighting. After doing some research, I decided I might try posting in a forum like this to see if anyone in the audio (and lighting) community was either interested in a change or just looking to better utilize their skills. Or perhaps know of someone else who might be.

The Gateway is a new orbiting outpost around the moon in what is called a Near Rectilinear Halo Orbit. Some google searching on NASA Gateway will probably shed some light on the design thus far. The other element will be lunar lander vehicles that go back and forth from the South pole of the Moon to the Gateway vehicle.

Right now the program is heavy on systems engineering - writing documents for requirements, interface control, verification, etc. Eventually that will lead into participating into preliminary and then critical design reviews.

We are interested in candidates that want to work in Houston and can participate in the above systems engineering steps as well as (in the case of the lighting position) having experience with lighting systems for extreme environments, lighting communication and automation protocols. Any experience with still and motion imagery (camera design, encoding/decoding, compression, networking, etc.) also would be great.

Required experience would be at least a BS degree in a related field. Lots of other experience would be a plus, but rather than go through all that here, I would just say, if any of this sounds like it could apply to you or someone you know, please get in touch with me! You can reach me at <removed>

Update: This position has been filled.  Thanks!
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