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SA Upgrade

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Henry Cohen:

--- Quote from: Jordan Tanner on November 17, 2019, 12:22:49 am ---. . . Additionally, as a bonus question- can anyone suggest a good omni antenna for 470-700MHz?
--- End quote ---

In addition to the 1031, the Shure UA860 is a great performer, though doesn't fit in the backpack quite as easily.

For a telescoping antenna to connect directly to the SA, Diamond RH789 is very good.

John Sulek:

--- Quote from: Zach Geist on November 20, 2019, 11:42:56 am ---Really hard to go wrong with these models. You may want to consider the 6G version as we seem to be trending more and more in that direction (PSA6005). There is also the USC option kit that has case and accessories, including the antenna mentioned by Peter!

--- End quote ---

Check Newark. They sometimes have deals on demo TTi units if that's the way you are leaning. Or had the best new price I could find and the are the US distributor.

Also some good deals on used Anritsu units at RF Imaging in Vegas. <>


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