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How to setup Riedel Artist Display of who is talking on a PL


Pete Erskine:
Did you ever wonder what PL channel people were talking on. You can see activity on PL buttons but what if several PL are active at the same time. If you look at the cross points it only says “Call to Conference".” No indication of what PL. This missing information can be shown just by clever naming of the 4-wire port.

1.  for all the 4-wire ports interfaced to PL’s, preface the long name with a period.  This will force these ports to the beginning of the OUTPUT side in Cross points.

      If you have PL's which do not connect to a 4-wire, add them to an unused port 4-wire...if you have one

2.  Put the Party line name in the Local 8 char name…this is what is displayed in Cross points

3.  in cross points load all ports and only show active points.  Now as users on the left talk a crosspoint will mark the PL they are talking to.

4.  look at this page...


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