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Author Topic: Anyone has link for WSM version 4.4.4 for PC?  (Read 1162 times)

Bill Meeks

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Re: Anyone has link for WSM version 4.4.4 for PC?
« Reply #10 on: January 05, 2021, 05:46:20 pm »

I'm setting up a new Win10 laptop so I was curious about this. I just went to the Sennheiser site, downloaded WSM and installed it successfully. That said, I had to blow past a LOT of "Windows thinks this is a nasty program and you should not install it" warnings, like probably 6 or 7 of those. Once installed, the program opened fine. However, when I opened a file I had from a tour in 2019, the graphics were all wrong, with all of the device displays too small and bunched up in a corner. Clicking on one to enlarge it didn't help. I think this is a screen resolution issue (the new machine has a super hi-res display), but I haven't come across a place to adjust that yet.

Not sure what might be causing your shrunken graphics issue, but my guess is it will be an issue that the software developer (in this case I assume that is Sennheiser) will have to correct. This is certainly true for the parade of "this is not safe" dialogs you had to work through. I am not familiar with the WSM software, having never used it. But before I retired my job was software development, then network engineering and cyber security, so I am conversant in the technology and lingo of computer programming.

Software developers typically use special software development packages from various vendors. These packages are called IDE Packages (Integrated Development Environments). They include all manner of helpful tools and utilities for writing programs as well as specialized installer packages that you distribute to the users to help them automatically install your software. The "devil in the details" resides many times in these installer packages. They sometimes do not properly check for the existence of certain required shared libraries nor verify that the version of shared libraries already installed on the host PC match what is required by the program being installed. Shared libraries are canned pieces of computer code most often written by other third parties. A developer of software may need certain functionality that a canned library provides. For example, fancy math routines such as FFT (Fast Fourier Transforms), graphics manipulation or graph generating code, etc. Rather than writing this from scratch every time, these functions are packaged into libraries that other pieces of computer code can call at runtime. On Windows these shared libraries are called DLLs (Dynamic Link Libraries). They are loaded at runtime when a piece of executing code needs to call one of the functions residing in the DLL.

The above is likely more than you wanted to know about your problem ... :). The shorter answer is it sounds like, based on what you encountered and what the OP encountered, that Sennheiser has some fixes needed in their WSM program for the latest version of Windows 10. I don't believe the problem lies on your Windows 10 PC itself. Rather, the WSM software needs to behave differently and that will be on Sennheiser to correct.
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Re: Anyone has link for WSM version 4.4.4 for PC?
« Reply #10 on: January 05, 2021, 05:46:20 pm »

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