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Counterintuitive? Cardioid Subwoofers Can Be A Bit Claustrophobic


M. Erik Matlock:
Counterintuitive? Cardioid Subwoofers Can Be A Bit Claustrophobic
October 15, 2019 Adam Hill

Investigating what happens to directivity when a cardioid sub is placed underneath a stage.

Last spring, I was busy grading a batch of reports from my second-year acoustics students where they were tasked with redesigning a run-down music venue in terms of internal acoustics and noise pollution. In addition, they had to specify a suitable sound system for the space. There was a common approach used for the subwoofer system design in many of the reports; one which, if implemented, would be counterproductive to what the students were trying to achieve.

Many students came up with the idea that to save space, they’d place the subwoofers underneath the stage. To ensure musicians on stage have a reasonable working environment, they specified that the subs should have a cardioid polar response (something which features in a number of current units on the market).

At first glance, this seems logical. There’s a big problem, however…

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