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Awkward Sub placement options

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John Sheehan:
Hi all,

One big problem that I've recently  encountered while trying to avoid sub cancellation issues and the dreaded LR stereo sub power alley effect is that I don't really have any options to put a sub/sub array center front. All three venues that regularly require production have dancefloors right up to the stage, and its valuable real estate for the dancers... Is it detrimental to have a sub array (stacked or beside each other) to one side?

The stage for all venues is towards one corner of all three rooms, So I'm guessing if the sub array was installed to the side of the stage furthest from the room corner, I'd have better sub saturation?

Happy to listen to any problem solving advice you have to offer!

Taylor Hall:
What size rooms are we talking about with how many bodies? What type of music? How many of what type of subs are at your disposal?

Is it possible to have the subs on the stage itself? The "tomb of subs" around the DJ is a pretty popular look right now and would at least center the bass energy on the dancefloor at the detriment of pushing the DJ booth back a couple feet.

The other argument is to take it to the organizer/venue owner (or whoever it is handing you the check at the end of the night) and lay it out politely that not having the subs out front wouldn't give them their customers the impact that they might expect from a typical live club atmosphere. If they won't go all-in, find a middle ground. Even if you don't put all the subs front and center, just getting a pair up there would be better than nothing.

I can't speak much to creative placement, I'm mostly a fader jockey when I'm not assisting in set/strike so I only really know the basics in that regard.

Tim McCulloch:
Power alley is not "dreaded" except by those who ran out of other legitimate concerns to occupy their time.  Is it ideal?  No, but neither are the alternatives.  ALL subwoofer placements are a compromise unless flown next to the PA, and there are still trade-offs.

My advice is "get over it" and go do the show, cash the cheque and move on.

John Sheehan:
What size rooms are we talking about with how many bodies? 200-400+
What type of music? Live Band Keys Drums Bas Guitar/Vocals
How many of what type of subs are at your disposal? 2 x Mackie HD1801's with DXR10 tops

Okay, so I'll probably stick with my existing equipment and as it seems with general advice recieved, I'll address my sub placement based on the most practical and available options. Best option center stage to worst option stereo straight under the L & R top boxes

Tim Hite:
The dance floor is exactly where you want your "power alley" to be located.

+1 for Tim's advice about getting over it. Everyone else at the gig will be concentrating on having a good time, not on where your power alley is located or any other arbitrary sound guy rules.


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