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Behringer NX4-6000 reliability?

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Dennis Wiggins:
Has anyone had any bad experiences (reliability, early limiting (pumping), intermittent shutting down) with the Behringer NX4-6000? The online reviews are very scarce.

I am only needing 400-500 WRMS @ 8Ohms x 4. All channels will be high-passed BW24 @35Hz, or higher, and will never be running 2 Ohm loads.

It would only be used 3-4 times per year, so I am not willing to make a higher investment as I am accomplishing the same thing now with a pair of original (silver) IPR3000s. They are just right for my purposes.

I would just want to "shrink the rig" a bit.

Len Zenith Jr:
That amp only puts out ~48 volts continuous / channel so about 276 w into 8 ohms which is about 2 dB's lower than you had hoped for. The IPR3000's are closer to 58 volts / channel continuous.

Nathan Riddle:
I have 3, bought from a forum member.

The 48v is a hard limit. It has no oomph beyond 48v.

That said... bridge a pair and it does quite well into an 18" sub.

No issues with the amps so far, all measure very well.

Dennis Wiggins:

--- Quote from: Len Zenith Jr on October 21, 2019, 05:40:08 PM ---That amp only puts out ~48 volts continuous / channel

--- End quote ---

Hmm... In reality then,  I can probably expect about 250@8, 500@4, and about 1000@2. That's a long way from 6000(!), but may do for lower volume (dinner music and talking-head) gigs.

 My socks are still on, and my head has no room. ;)

There will typically be 4 Sb122s (2/channel) and 2-Sx300s (1/channel).

I also do a lot of mix and match with Peavey Impulse100/1012, DXR10/12 and EV ZXa1-Sub, EV ZXa1 and ZX1 cabs. This is just another tool.

Dennis Wiggins:

--- Quote from: Nathan Riddle on October 21, 2019, 05:53:33 PM ---...The 48v is a hard limit. It has no oomph beyond 48v...

--- End quote ---

Does it, at least, limit gracefully, or does it "pump"?

As you you can tell, I'm a bit wary... I am comfortable with the the "feel" * of the IPR 3000s, but would probably find the NX4 a bit "squishy."

* I am a DJ, and hitting the limiters is what I listen for - been doin' it since '78 - I ain't gonna change.

It's kind of like when you twist the grip and hit the power band. You let up.

Unless you don't. That's when the limiters save you ;D

(Specifically, I have my VXS26s set to 'knee' at the same level that DDT would kick in on the IPRs. It's pretty idiot-proof; the idiot being me.)


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