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Author Topic: Question on Audix wireless disconnect  (Read 284 times)

Jim Layton

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Question on Audix wireless disconnect
« on: October 07, 2019, 09:24:32 am »

I picked up an Audix R42 with two OM2 wireless mics. It was at a discount (on line) and marked as minor surface scrapes or something like that. I've purchased a number of items like this with good results, so I bit. The entire contents was still in the factory wrap, unused by appearance. I set the receiver up on a truss, for line of sight. The event was in an outdoor skate park, big open area. One of the mics worked perfectly for  5 hours. The other "side" of the receiver would lose connection to the mic, even with the mic sitting 3 feet from the receiver. I re-scanned and synced several times and the mic would lose connection in about five minutes. The next day I went on a camping trip in a relatively remote area. I brought the Audix along and set it up outside on a picnic table using campsite power. The "good receiver" using the same mic, stayed connected. The other mic (same as the one with problems at the event) lost sync within ten minutes. But after re-scanning and syncing, it worked perfectly for hours. I repeated everything the next day and it worked fine.  I was talking with Audix tech support and they wanted me to switch the mic to the other side of the receiver to see if it was a mic problem. I tried for a day and could not recreate any problems.

During the skate event I hooked up an older Shure wireless mic as a back-up. My Shures have always worked perfectly in the same environment. It worked while the Audix kept losing sync.

Any ideas?
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Question on Audix wireless disconnect
« on: October 07, 2019, 09:24:32 am »

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