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Mac Mini not recognizing more than two displays?


Stephen Swaffer:
Since January, my normal media setup at church haas been a 2018 Mac Mini configured with 3 displays-2 identical HD displays (1920 X1020) with an Epson projector as the third.  One display is main, one is used for a Propresntor window and the projectors use is obvious.  I am  using HDMI to connect to all three.  This was a very simple plug and play setup that has worked flawlessly until this morning.

Now, the Mini will recognize 2 displays-any two, but only two.  I checked and rechecked cables, rebooted, etc.  My final troubleshooting attempt:

Plug all three displays in and reboot. It boots up seeing the "Propresentor" display and the projector-it does not recognize the "main" display. I manually told it to "detect displays" with no change.  Without touching anything else, I unplugged the HDMI cable from the "ProPresenter" display, which is showing the desktop.  Obviously, desktop disappears -and after a few seconds, it sees the "main" display and the desktop appears there.

No, I have not updated to Catalina.  Yes, the specs say this will support 3 displays (at up to 4K resolution-I'm only at HD).

What to try next?  Nothing comes up on searches-maybe I'm using the wrong terms?

Jordan Wolf:
You could try resetting the SCM or NVRAM/PRAM.

Display funkiness that is unrelated to adapter or modifier issues can stem from either.

A quick G00gle search will get you the steps for your specific model.

Stephen Swaffer:
Sorry, I didn't get back sooner.  Troubleshooting 101-check what changed-also have someone else double check what you checked.  A cable had come disconnected-I plugged it into the adapter it was laying next to-but it needed to go into the HDMI on the Mini.  he on-board video only supports 2 displays on adapters and one connected to the HDMI to get to 3.


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