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Electrical codes in building DIY distro?

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Mike Monte:

--- Quote from: Rob Spence on October 02, 2019, 05:24:56 pm ---I wonder if the NEC was really after the crappy hotel ballroom home brew distros? Every one I have seen made me squirm.

--- End quote ---

I gigged this past Saturday at a club that has live bands Friday/Saturday nights.
The installed(?) distro looked sketchy to say the least; a wooden box on the floor with five quad break out boxes (four 15A edisons per breakout box).
I should have taken a picture....but it wasn't my rig, so I gave it little thought.
(I've see these before in hole-in-the-wall places but usually they are mounted on a wall....not on the floor "begging to have beer dumped on it...".)

I did, however, stay well-back from mic while playing my sax...  You never know...

Sam Saponaro Jr:
Yea last code update for me was 1996 NEC so I did not know all this has changed so much. I'm just getting royaly sick of running 12ga cables everywere searching for circuits in venues. FYI for those with no distro start heading toward the clubs kitchen theres allways circuits in there LOL


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