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Examining Phase Alignment & Cancellation At Various Frequencies


M. Erik Matlock:
Crossovers In Space: Examining Phase Alignment & Cancellation At Various Frequencies
Analysis to help in avoiding dips in the frequency response of the total system.
By Michael Reed • September 10, 2019

Most of us have heard of the electronic crossover. This familiar concept is in the electronic (or digital) domain and deals with frequency response of a system.

Certain drivers will take responsibility to reproduce certain frequencies, and at the crossover, will share in producing sound in a certain range with another source. As the frequency extends in one direction or another beyond it, one driver will take over. The amount of frequency content that is shared is the result of the slope and type of crossover.

The less considered type is called the acoustic crossover. This is a point in (inner) space where two signals from separate sources combine at equal level. I’ll be talking about points in earthly space from here on – sound doesn’t do to well in outer space...

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