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Full-Metal Prep: The Value Of A Well-Appointed Workbox At Every Gig


M. Erik Matlock:
Full-Metal Prep: The Value Of A Well-Appointed Workbox At Every Gig
Numerous things that help solve the various challenges faces when setting up complex audio systems in different venues.
By Craig Leerman • September 4, 2019

Early in my pro audio career, I was working a touring show as part of the local crew, unloading a truck. Inside it was a beat-up red Craftsman tool chest drawer unit on wheels, strapped to the wall.

A member of the sound crew yelled into the truck that this “workbox” went over in monitor world. I unstrapped it and pushed it to the stage, but not before peeking into the many drawers. One was loaded with tools as you might expect in a tool chest, but most were loaded with audio adapters, interface boxes, cables and gaff tape.

During setup, the monitor engineer reached into that old workbox more times than I could count, getting adapters to interface his PA with the house system, grabbing tools or a flashlight to fix something or getting gaff for us local hands so we could tape down his cables. Even though I’d worked a lot of local gigs, I’d never seen or even thought of a workbox before, but I really liked how all the bits and pieces that make a show happen could be organized in one place...

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