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X32 Theater Control Software Creator & Theatrical Mixer James Holt


M. Erik Matlock:
Necessity & Invention: Catching Up With X32 Theater Control Software Creator & Theatrical Mixer James Holt
More from its creator regarding his software that streamlines mixing in the theatre, plus his thoughts as a veteran engineer in the genre.
By Michael Lawrence • September 3, 2019

Folks with a background in mixing live music are often surprised when they learn how professional musical theater productions are mixed: extensive console automation is used to bring the active character inputs onto the console VCAs, which are then adjusted “line by line,” which minimizes the audibility of bleed and phase issues, and keeps open inputs to a minimum.

It’s a far cry from the gentle rudder adjustments necessary to mix many music shows, and until recently, was a difficult prospect for smaller productions due to the unique demands on mixing console automation.

Theatrical sound engineer James Holt, based in Australia, has developed a free software tool called X32 Theater Control (X32TC) that brings the current best practices of Broadway and West End console automation to users of Behringer X32 and Midas M32 consoles...

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