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In The Studio: The Intangibles Of A Mix


M. Erik Matlock:
In The Studio: The Intangibles Of A Mix
Pushing up some faders, getting a reasonable balance and adding some effects might work for a rough mix, but there's more to building a great mix...
By Bobby Owsinski ē August 29, 2019

Itís easy to think that getting a good mix is just a matter of pushing up some faders, getting a reasonable balance, adding some effects, and youíre finished. Although that might work for a rough mix, there are still a number of intangibles that are vitally important to a great mix.

Awareness is always the first step in learning, so here are some ideas from The Mixing Engineerís Handbook to consider before you start to move faders around.
The Arrangement

Itís really easy to get caught up in just the audio portion of being an engineer, but unless you seriously consider how the music itself is put together (assuming that music is what youíre engineering, of course), your ultimate product probably wonít sound great no matter how good you are at balancing tracks.

Anyone with a little mixing experience has found that the arrangement is usually the #1 non-audio problem in a mix. In these days of unlimited tracks, itís all too easy to pile more and more musical elements along with double and triple tracks of everything you can think of...

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